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Field First Aid Kit (IFAK) | 44 Piece

Field First Aid Kit (IFAK) | 44 Piece

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[PREMIUM SUPPLIES] The Excursion Compact First Aid Kit (IFAK) was originally designed for bug out bags, 72 hour kits, and emergency kits. We quickly realized it's also an ideal first aid kit for hiking, backpacking, ATVs, camping and other outdoor activities. The first aid supplies are selected to suit many emergency situations. It contains supplies for simple emergencies as well as severe trauma. It's designed to patch you up and help you get home or to a hospital.

[OPTIMAL GEAR ORGANIZER] The Excursion Compact First Aid Kit (IFAK) has 1 quick access main storage compartment, with supply pouches, pockets, zippered pockets and mesh pouches. Multiple easy-access pockets and pouches contain bandages, a tourniquet, pressure bandages, adhesives, and more. The MOLLE organizer has extra space for you to add personalized first aid supplies like tablets, creams, gels, and medications.

[IDEAL SIZE] The first aid organizer bag was designed to organize critical first aid supplies while maintaining a light weight. It can fit nearly any coat or jacket pocket, day pack, backpack, purse, glove box, car storage compartment, go bag, or emergency kit. It is perfectly sized for first aid supplies. At just over 1 pound, 8 x 6 x 4.5 inches the bag will fit nearly any container or strap to the outside of compatible molle bags.

[PREMIUM MATERIALS] High quality, durable 1000D Nylon is used on the outer shell and 420D Polyester lines the inside. The organizer bag is sturdy yet light weight.

[APPLICATIONS] The Excursion Compact First Aid Kit (IFAK) was originally designed for emergency and survival gear, tactical gear, and first aid kit supplies (IFAK). It can also be used for backpacking, school gear, electronic gear, purse contents, etc. The various types of pockets and pouches are perfect for a variety of gear, tools, and supplies.


Brand:Emergency Prep Gear

Type:Compact First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit (IFAK) for Field Operations

Emergencies and Survival - The Excursion Compact First Aid Kit (IFAK) was designed for bug out bag and 72 hour kit emergencies and survival situations. It features light weight supplies for emergency coverage in field settings. It's designed to help give you a chance to get home or get to a hospital.


Backpacking - The light weight supply list is ideal for backpackers. The compact kit fits most bags; packs; and coat pockets.


EMT/First Aid - It is great for EMTs and other first responders. It can attach to belts or be inserted as part of larger kits. It has extra space for customization.


Tactical Gear - Advanced supplies like tourniquets; pressure bandages; etc. are commonly required for tactical or military first aid settings. This bag also has space to expand.


EDC - Professionals and others who are in the field frequently can rely on this personal first aid kit. It is compact enough to carry every day on a hip or harness or larger pack.


Car Kits - Stow this individual first aid kit in your glove box or trunk for auto emergencies.


Package Includes:

- MOLLE First Aid Organizer (1)

- Alcohol Pads (12)

- Antiseptic Wipes (2)

- Adhesive Bandages (12)

- Knuckle Bandages (2)

- Butterfly Bandages (2)

- Wound Dressing (2)

- Gauze Wound Pad (2)

- Compressed Gauze

- Compression Bandage Roll

- Pressure Dressing

- Military Tourniquet

- Permanent Marker

- PVC Gloves

- Medical Tape

- Moleskin

- Emergency Blanket


Training: Please seek medical training before using any first aid supplies. Inappropriate use of first aid supplies or devices can result in injury.

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