FAQ - Fuel

What type of fuel does my fire pit need?

Please read the item description carefully as the fire pits state which fuel is necessary to operate it.

How many types of fuel are there for fire pits anyway?

Several. Wood, Charcoal, Propane, Butane, Wood Pellets, and Natural Gas seem to be the most popular. Please be sure when you're buying your Fire Pit that you know what fuel is required to make it work best.


You want to use dry wood in your fire pit as it burns better. Please be careful when disposing of the ashes in case there are any sparks left.


Charcoal can be bought at many stores. It is known to be better for cooking than wood. Again, please be careful when disposing of any remaining fuel.


Propane is stored in tanks that can be purchased at many stores. Some fire pits require specific sizes so please double check if the one you have chosen does. During storage, propane remains a liquid. When pressure is released, it vaporizes into a gas that can be burned. It is considered a very clean burning fuel.


Butane fuel is generally used in lighters and other small flame makers. It can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a little more expensive than regular wood, but they burn longer. It can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Natural Gas

While natural gas is considered the cleanest burning option, it comes with some complications. Most propane fire pits can be converted to use natural gas, but a conversion kit is required to modify the fire pit to properly burn natural gas at its lower supply pressure. Some propane fire pits are unable to be converted to natural gas, so please keep that in mind when planning for fuel.


Thank you for reading and please let us know if you have any questions. At this time, we are unable to sell fuel.