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26" Wood Burning Lightweight Outdoor Firepit

26" Wood Burning Lightweight Outdoor Firepit

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Unique Product Design: The fire pit features a distinctive design that combines modern elements, making it an integral part of your outdoor decor. It not only provides heating outdoors but also adds aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

360° Flame Effect: The fire pit is designed to ensure even and beautiful flame burning in a 360-degree range, offering comprehensive heating and visual enjoyment.

Woodgrain-Style Cover: The fire pit comes with a woodgrain-style cover that doubles as a table, providing additional functionality. This means you can easily enjoy food, drinks, or other items around the fire pit, adding convenience and comfort to your outdoor gatherings.

Removable Ash Pan: The fire pit is equipped with a convenient, detachable ash pan, making ash removal and maintenance a breeze. This helps keep the fire pit clean and ensures optimal burning efficiency while reducing maintenance hassles.

Includes Poker and Log Rack: The product includes a poker for easy fire starting and flame control. Additionally, the log rack helps keep the firewood neatly arranged, ensuring a steady supply of fuel.

Includes Waterproof Cover: It comes with a waterproof cover, providing additional protection and insulation.


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the size of product:26"Wx16.7"W

Main Color: Black

Main Material: Steel

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