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15 inch Smokeless Fire Pit

15 inch Smokeless Fire Pit

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LOW SMOKE: With its unique design and sophisticated internal airflow system, smokeless smoke provides you with a clean flame atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the fire (heating or barbecuing) without leaving any smell on your clothes.

EASY TO USE: Making good moments should always be easy. This outdoor patio heater construction completely removes the need for parts and assembly! Bring it from your backyard patio to camping, or tailgating!

REMOVABLE ASH PAN: For easy maintenance and ash removal, this fire pit is equipped with a removable ash tray. This design allows users to easily clean accumulated ash, ensuring the stove's optimal performance. It simplifies maintenance and prolongs the fire pit's lifespan.

CONVENIENT CARRY BAG: The included carry bag allows you to transport the fire pit to any location effortlessly. Whether you're going camping, picnicking, or to a friend's outdoor gathering, this stove is ready to provide heat wherever you go.

COOKING GRILL: The included grilling pan transforms this fire pit into a versatile outdoor cooking tool. Whether you're grilling vegetables, meats, or your favorite barbecue dishes, you can enjoy a relaxing barbecue experience wherever you go.

SAFETY FEATURES: This fire pit undergoes rigorous safety testing to ensure safety during outdoor use.

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