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Tabletop Fireplace Bio-Ethanol Fire Pit

Tabletop Fireplace Bio-Ethanol Fire Pit

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This new personal fireplace is lightweight and easy to carry so you can move it anywhere. The powder-coated fence-type protective frame makes it a particularly sustainable and durable model.

Easy to use: the fire pit is assembled, easy to use, and does not require electricity, gas, chimney, or money cans; All you need to do is pour bio-ethanol fuel into the canister and light.

BEAUTIFUL GIFT The table fire pit is a lovely addition and adds an amazing ambiance to any room. With the new version for the burner, the stainless steel wire inner cool wick makes the juicer durable.

Includes: This table fireplace with 0.5 L ethanol burner, new fence type protective frame and 1 x silicone regulator, 1 x flame extinguisher, 1 x upgraded combustion chamber, produces 4,000 BTUs to heat a room of 250 m.

For any season: this portable table fireplace is beautiful for winter in your house with the family, or in summer with friends have a party on the patio or yard. Whether on the terrace, in the garden at a party, or indoors on the table in the living room


Brand: EGarden

Metal: stainless steel


The outer frame of the fireplace is made of non-curable 430 stainless steel and has a super fine matte black powder coated heat resistant surface that gives it a stunning look and makes it extremely durable. The good helper for winter heating has surprised many friends with the tabletop fire, a conversation starter—that features high-quality stainless steel and powder-coated frame for outdoor use. Bio ethanol fireplace creates the real dancing flames. High fence style guard keeps the scarf and keeps the wind when set patio. Includes a powerful heater that can accommodate a room of up to 250 square feet. Green, environmentally friendly use bioethanol can heat as fuel. Ventilation-free: The ventilation unit without ventilation requires no use of electricity, gas, chimney, vent, or gel cans.Specifications: Frame material: thermo stable black powder-coated metal frame. Burner material: high-quality 430 stainless steel burner frame.Burner frame capacity: 0.3 liters.Burning time: 2 or 3 hours.Whole dimensions: 18 x 18 x 12 cm. 0.3-liter burner capacity takes about 2 or 3 hours per refill and produces 4000 to heat 215 sqft. A flame extinguisher is included to stir the fire if necessary. A silicone regulator is included to easily add ethanol fuel.TIP: Do not add ethanol during the burning process. Do not use the fire to heat or boil water or as a cooking device. Do not put charcoal, paper, wood, or other flammable objects in the fire.

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