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Mesh Rope Hammock

Mesh Rope Hammock

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Quality Material: This outdoor hammock for trees is constructed from high-quality and high-strength nylon, This nylon string hammock has a high load-bearing capacity. These nylon rope hammocks are perfect for indoor and outdoor due to their high durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Soft and Comfortable Hammock Rope: These green hammocks are perfectly woven with thick nylon strings to give you full cozy feelings. These hammock ropes for trees are comfortable and durable. Perfect for reading and sleeping indoors and outdoors enjoy a baby-like cradle sleeping under the stars.

High Load Bearing Capacity: This replacement hammock bed has super strong nylon rope which is efficiently woven to distribute the weight in all directions. This single-point hammock has weight weight-bearing capacity of more than 220 lbs. This hammock with straps gives perfect swings.

Super Easy Carry and Assembly: These paracord hammocks are lightweight and foldable and weigh less than a pound, which is easy to carry and use, these hammock replacements are super easy to assemble, just find the right place and tightly knot both ends of a single hammock with firm objects

Wide application: This hammock is very suitable for reading, relaxing, and resting in the garden, terrace, backyard, poolside, or balcony, and perfect as an outdoor hammock bed and as an indoor hammock bed you can feel weightless comfort at home and also for camping, traveling.


Brand: Vikrom

Product Dimensions:94.5"L x 31.5"W

Color: Dark Green

Material: Nylon

Maximum Weight Recommendation:100 Kilograms

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