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Heated VEST

Heated VEST

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Lightweight Heated Electric Vest


This insulated puffer vest is the perfect blend of fashion and utility. You can now look stylish while staying warm and cozy in all conditions.

With heating panels made of ultra-fine carbon fiber fully lining the back and collar, you will be wrapped in warmth. An advanced heat-trapping insulated layer and water-resistant material protect you from wind, rain, and snow.

Product Features:

8-hour Usage time*USB Power Bank operated (not included)**3 Heat SettingsHeats up to 130°F2 external zippered pockets1 internal zippered pocket to hold the power bank (not included)Ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panelsHeat panels fully lining back and collarAdvanced heat-trapping insulated layer. Water-resistant anti-static Wind-resistant High-quality cotton Lightweight Machine Washable – Gentle Cycle

Use Instructions:

Connect the power bank (not included) to the USB plug inside the inner pocket of the vest. Power on the power bank and press the button located on the outside upper chest of the vest. Modes: Long press for 3 seconds to activate the heating. Blue light = lowest temperature. White light = medium temperature. Red light = highest temperature. Long press for 3 seconds again to turn it off

*Length of use is dependent on the capacity of the power bank being used
**The vest must be plugged into the power bank to work. IT IS NOT CHARGEABLE.

Cleaning Instructions:

Remove the power bank charger before washing the vest. Hand wash or machine wash on cold, gentle cycle. Air dry or machine dry on low


Not recommended for long extended periods of use. The use of high-temperature water or strong detergents can damage the vest. Do not engage the heat of the vest if the vest is wet. At the first signs of any unusual product performance turn off the power and stop use.

Sizes: Refer to the attached Sizing Chart

XL Tag = US S

2XL Tag = US M

3XL Tag = US L

4XL Tag = US XL

5XL Tag = US 2XL

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