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6 Cooling Towels (40" x 12")

6 Cooling Towels (40" x 12")

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The cooling towel is made of super evaporative breathable material. Dedicated to the physical evaporation of moisture, no chemicals are used in the manufacture of cooling towels

These ice towels come with a carrying bag and a carabiner. They are easy to store, carry, and hang, and the sports towels are hand or machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Sports towels are perfect for sports enthusiasts for golf, swimming, football, exercise, gym, and fitness, also for fever or headache treatment, heatstroke prevention, sun protection, and cooling down when absorbed. Keep yourself cool on hot summer days, workouts, outdoor adventures or migraines

To activate the cooling effect of this cooling towel, just soak it in water, wring it dry, and shake it a few times, the super evaporating towel will instantly cool you down, it is easy to reactivate by repeating the same steps it.



1.For sports & exercise: running; trekking; camping; hiking; backpacking; cycling; racing; bowling; yoga; golf; fitness; fishing; swimming; basketball; football; rugby; softball; baseball; tennis; volleyball; hockey; boxing; traveling; climbing; cheerleading; weightlifting; rowing; shooting; beach; etc.

2. For physical treatment: fever or headache relief; heatstroke prevention; sunscreen protection.

3. For daily life: cooling while absorbing sweat for kitchen staff; outdoor workers; sports enthusiasts; and mom with baby (a cooling towel between mom and baby works wonders).

Package contents: - 6 Pack Cooling Towel (40''*12'') - 6 x Waterproof Pouch - 6 x Carabiner Clip Note: Please do not use alkaline detergents such as washing powder or soap to clean the towel, or soak the towel in salt water and sea water; which may weaken the cooling effect of the towel; or discolor and damage the towel.

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